How to translate the dialogs of Dmaths.
By the way: most of these hints can be used/adapted for the translation of EVERY LibreOffice- or OpenOffice-Extension (as far as I know...).
!!! Make sure you use the most up-to-date version LibreOffice of from and the latest version of DmathsAddon.oxt

!!! Make sure Dmaths is installed properly. A good indicator of this is, that if you go to the Dmaths menu in Writer, click "About Dmaths..." (last entry), you get (without delay by anything in progress) the dialog showing the colorful logo, version information, "Remerciments á..." and 3 command buttons.

2 ways There are 2 ways to translate the dialogs:

a) LibreOffice running, edit the text strings of the dialogs inside the Basic-IDE.

b) LibreOffice completely closed, locate and edit the file using a text editor program.

I suggest to follow the instructions in the given order,
i.e. do a1 → a2 first and continue with b1 → b4.

a1 Start Writer, click menu "Tools" → Macros → Organize Dialogs.
Select/open "My dialogs" → Dmaths → Angle, click "Edit".
Click menu "View" → Toolbar, check "Language" and "Toolbox". This Toolbox contains a circular icon with 4 sectors and is titled "Testmode on/off". Explore the change of language in testmode.

If you cannot select "your own" language, create it here with the "Manage language" dialog (icon with globe and text). It will give you all strings in french, but you can replace it later (→ b2) with a model of your own choice.

a2 Select your own (new) language, double-click an object in the dialogue and try editing a "Label" or "Title" string. Check it by clicking the test-mode-icon.

WARNING: DO NOT edit the property "Name" !!! The Basic code accesses all objects by their name.
EDIT ONLY the values of "Title", "Label", "Help text" (that is the text you see when the mouse passes over the object)

DO NOT EDIT any numerical values of Position, Width, Height: these changes affect all languages and will be lost after installation of a new Dmaths update.

If a string in your new language does not fit into the width of an element, discuss it on one of the Dmaths mailing lists.

b1 Close LibreOffice completely.
Now, locate the file inside the folder containing your application data:

Linux: /home/<...>/.libreoffice/4/user/ uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/<...>/DmathsAddon.oxt/Dmaths

Windows (dependig on the version): C:\users\<...>\AppData\Roaming\ or C:\users\Document and ...\<...>\ApplicationData\ and then Libreoffice\4\user\uno_packages\cache\uno_packages\<...> \DmathsAddon.oxt\Dmaths (perhaps the display of hidden folders and files has to be activated!)

Mac OSX:
~/User/$/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/user
($: name of the user, ~: name of the hard disc)

Here you go to uno_packages → cache → uno_packages → xxxxx.tmp_ → DmathsAddon.oxt,
where you find the complete copy of the (zip-extracted) file you installed as DmathsAddon.oxt.

b2 Inside the sub-directory Dmaths you find a set of files named
One of the files is the one you created with the "Manage language" dialog in a1.
If you want to start with another language than french, write down the language_COUNTRY code of that file and delete the file. Now make a copy of the file whose language you want to start with and rename it with your correct language_COUNTRY code.

b3 You may edit now the file of your (new) language.

WARNING: use only a texteditor, which is capable of UNIX format files (new line: only LF, without CR) encoding.

Under Windows, the free program Notepad++ is especially suitable for translation jobs like this: it can display two files at once and do synchronous scrolling!

b4 Save your file and do not hesitate to send me you first trial as Email attachement (see adress at footer) to test it - BEFORE you do a lot of translation work in vain!

b5 Repeat step b2 for the sub-directories Dmaths2, DmInstall, OOoGdmath, OOoAHmath3D/OOoAHmath3D and CmathOOo.

As you know now the language_COUNTRY code for your file, it is not necessary to create it like in step a1:
Just make a copy of any properties-file and rename it.

;-) Please be aware that YOU are the beta-tester of this collection of hints, so tell me immediately if anything is wrong or misunderstandable!

Responsible for the content, but without any warranty: Gisbert Friege, Solingen. Feel free to contact me per email: mail.